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What is Stem Cell Therapy?STEM CELL

Using humans’ innate regeneration power, stem cell therapy can improve many ailments.

With recent technological advances, today's medical care can produce amazing results. Stem cell therapy is at the cutting edge of new medical technology. A patient's own stem cells are cultured and returned to the body, activating the stem cells. Using the human body's own regenerative power, this cutting-edge treatment can treat various diseases and dysfunctions in the body.

  1. Managing the Immune SystemIMMUNE

    Stem cells can regulate or suppress the immune system, so they are expected to be used for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, which are diseases caused by a patient's own immune system attacking their own tissues, and for normalizing immune functions. This includes improvement of rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

  2. NeovascularizationNEOVASCULARISATION

    Stem cells induce cell differentiation, create new blood vessels, and improve blood circulation. This can be effective for issues such as arteriosclerosis.

  3. Anti-inflammatory EffectANTI-INFLAMMATORY

    Anti-inflammatory substances released from stem cells suppress inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis and vasculitis.

  4. Antioxidant EffectANTIOXIDATION

    Stem cells can reduce active oxygen, which prevents cell aging. This is useful as preventative medicine for anti-aging.

  5. Tissue Repair EffectTISSUE REPAIR

    Stem cells can regenerate and repair damaged or dysfunctional tissue by secreting growth factors and inducing cell differentiation.

  6. Anti-Apoptotic EffectANTIAPOPTOSIS

    Stem cells prevent apoptosis, a form of cell death.

Cutting Edge Regenerative MedicineADVANCED MEDICAL CARE


Cutting Edge Medical Care has evolved this far.Now let’s make Cosmetic use of Regenerative Medicine.

Recent advancements in regenerative medicine has made it possible to treat various diseases. Now applying such regenerative medicine to cosmetic purposes is gaining attention.With the rapid development of medical technology, we have discovered the great potential in the regenerative power of stem cells. They are expected to be effective for diseases that are difficult to cure with conventional treatment, and many clinical trials are currently being conducted. The regenerative power of stem cells activates cells that have deteriorated due to aging, so we can expect they will have cosmetic applications as well. There are strict legal checks in place for performing regenerative medicine in Japan. Our clinic has submitted a treatment plan to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, and that plan has been accepted. In addition, specialized knowledge and sufficient experience is necessary for doctors performing regenerative treatments. At our clinic, you will be treated by specialists in regenerative medicine.

What are Stem Cells anyway?

With rapid advancements in medicine, the age of regenerative medicine has arrived. Stem cells are an important player. Stem cells are expected to be effective in repairing and regenerating damaged tissues and organs. Why can stem cells regenerate organs? That is because stem cells are "undifferentiated cells".The human body is made up of over 60 trillion cells, all of which are originally derived from stem cells. Stem cells are the most immature (young) cells in the body. You could call them "baby cells". There are essentially 2 types of stem cells that have the potential to differentiate into various cells. The first type is "pluripotent stem cell". This type is a kind of universal cell that has the ability to differentiate into many various kinds of cells. The other type is "tissue stem cell". These cells play a role of extending the lifespan of cells. The reason why our blood is not lost is that these tissue stem cells (called hematopoietic stem cells in the case of blood) differentiate into red blood cells and white blood cells, and they make up for blood cells that are lost.

Universal cells that can transform into various cells

In recommending treatment, we focus on the universal type of stem cells called "pluripotent stem cells". These cells are expected to be useful for repairing and improving the function of tissues and internal organs damaged by aging and disease, as well as providing anti-aging benefits throughout the body.

Regenerative Medicine for Cosmetic CareBEAUTY UTILIZATION

With the rapid development of medical technology, it has been discovered that the regenerative power of stem cells has various synergistic effects. This regenerative power of stem cells activates cells that have deteriorated due to aging, so they can be expected to be effective in cosmetic applications.

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    Stem Cell TherapySTEM CELL

    We target whole body anti-aging using pluripotent stem cells, which can produce various cells in the body.

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    Stem Cell Supernatant TherapyCYTOKINE

    "Human stem cell supernatant" refers to the liquid (supernatant) obtained by culturing stem cells present in human body fat and carefully removing cells and impurities from the culture.

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    Complete Menu of Cosmetic TreatmentsSBEAUTY TREATMENT

    This refined healing space is a charging station for the heart and mind, where you can approach your ideal and go home rejuvenated.


Affiliated Stem Cell Culturing FacilityCELL PROCESSING FACILITY

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Global Top-class Technique

Adipose tissue is collected from patients following the standards of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the stem cells are cultured by Kohjin Bio using world-class culturing technology and experience.

Equipment necessary for cell culture

In order to culture stem cells, a facility must be equipped with completely aseptic operations controlling temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide suitable for cultivating in a medium (culture solution) necessary to grow cells, as well as necessary equipment for storing drugs.

Type 2 Regenerative Medicine Approval FormLICENSE

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